Many thanks to our wonderful church council members who provide excellent leadership and direction for our congregation.

Council Members: Marcy Berg, Connie Bryant, Bill Clymer (Council President), Nancy White, Sandy Carlson, Genevieve Lervik, David Peterson, and Paul Tokarczyk (Vice President).

The Property Committee works hard to maintain and update the church’s property. This group makes sure we have a roof over our head that doesn’t leak, a functioning heating and cooling system to keep us comfortable, and so many more things that most never know about. If you’d like to join the Property Committee, please contact us.

First Lutheran has a dedicated Lay Visitation Ministry Team that spends time through the week ministering and bringing communion to those who are unable to attend church on a regular basis. Many thanks to Connie Bryant and Shirley Szweduik for making this ministry a reality. If you’d like to join the Lay Visitation Ministry Team, please contact us.