Here you will find any updates for First Lutheran regarding Covid 19.

First’s Adapting/Serving (FAS)

Ministry Through the COVID-19 Outbreak

While in the beginning, many of us imagined returning all at once to First with a grand celebration, we are now recognizing that returning to church will likely happen in phases.

First’s Congregational Council has developed the First’s Adapting/Serving (FAS)  document to help guide their decision-making on when and how to adapt First ministry and daily activities through COVID-19. The FAS is our plan for keeping our members and wider-community safe while continuing to live out our mission.

As you read the FAS you will notice that our approach is cautious. Churches are high-risk settings for COVID-19 transmission. And while we all long to gather again in person, we anticipate our congregation’s life to be shaped by this virus for at least the next year. 

Overview of FAS Phases 

  • Safer at Home – First’s building is closed, worship via live broadcast and programming online
  • Phase 1 – Weddings and Funerals may occur in the sanctuary with fewer than 10 people
  • Phase 2 – In-person meetings of 10 or less may be held in the building
  • Phase 3 – In-person worship indoors may be held with restrictions; building open during business hours
  • Phase 4 – Return to full capacity in-person worship and in-person programming

How we move forward (or backward) through these phases will be guided by the spread of the disease in our state and region. Once the specific metrics for each phase are met, Trinity’s Council will determine if we are ready to take the next step. 

The FAS will continue to be adapted By our Council as new information arises. And while we can’t anticipate these changes, our hope is that this document provides some clarity about the potential timelines and steps ahead. 

First’s mission has never stopped. We are still serving, caring, and being met daily by God. Our worshiping community has expanded. And our ministry remains well-supported because of the incredible generosity of so many.  

I hope you take some time to read through First’s Adapting/Serving. Please reach out to Pastor Sarah or our Council if you have thoughts/questions. And thanks for praying for our people, our staff and leadership, and all who face difficult choices and challenges because of this pandemic. We miss you. But we know that God is also with us, binding us together, and leading us into the future.

In gratitude and hope –

Pastor Sarah

Click here to read the First’s Adapting/Serving (FAS) document h

3-28-21 Update:

Church Reopening Update

The church council has been in discussion of moving a phase based on our FLC reopening document that was created last fall. Moving forward we will have some lessened restrictions starting April 12th.

  • The church will be open to small groups of 10 or less. 
  • The church will be open for funeral and baptisms for attendees of 15 or less
  • All groups will need to let the church office know when you will be in the building and where you are in the building. To allow for extra cleaning.

If you have questions you can call the church office about the change in protocol. We will require all persons in the building to sanitize their hands upon arrival, always wear a mask, and social distance.